Hello, I am Ryan McLaughlin, a skilled web designer with over 6 years experience creating web sites. My goal is to provide modern design services to my clients while always remaining cost effective. These days having a web site is a necessity for any business, and I can elevate your business with effective designs that will meet your needs as well as those of your customers.

I use a number of languages and technologies in order to accomplish this: HTML, DHTML, XML, Flash, ASP .net, PHP, Perl, and CSS. I also am experienced in various graphics programs including Photoshop, Fireworks, and Illustrator.

Please feel free to browse the site and contact me with any inquiries.

Ryan McLaughlin


For your webpage, I will either design something for you, or if you have a specific idea in mind, I will make it come to life. Here are a few things I can offer you.

Exciting introductions

Easy to navigate sites

Impressive graphic designs

Interactive web services that react to the user

Maximum browser compatibility so that all users see your site the way you want them to.

Incorporation of sound and video

Secure transactions so that you can protect information or accept money online


Here are a few links to selected other pages I've created and/or designed.

Clinical Research Advantage

Gary Panks Associates

Studio Street Graphics


Although I believe I offer services that rival huge corporations, my prices do not reflect this. In order to provide the most for you at the cheapest prices, I have developed a starter package for a basic website as an alternative to my regular rates so that you can get what you want and know the cost up front.

The basic package costs $700* and includes:

up to 10 main HTML pages
up to 30 images (thumbnails and large image pages free!)
original design and/or graphics work if desired
a guestbook for your website, if desired
a feedback form for collecting details from users, if desired

If you have in mind a more elaborate website, that's no problem. I charge $5 per extra picture, with a minimum of $20, so updates are extremely affordable. And for extra work, I charge a flat rate of $50 per hour. That can sound steep, but I am very fast, so chances are it won't be much. And I will keep you informed of the progress, so that we are on the same page. Contact me for an estimate.

*This does not include domain name registration or hosting fees.


Ryan McLaughlin
(602) 334 - 6383 (cell)


Here are a few sample introductions:


Stainless Consulting

Gary Panks Associates

An old Ryan Web Design introduction



Here are a few interesting menu systems I've created:

Director's clapboard

Night Sky



I am very proficient with numerous graphics (Photoshop, Fireworks, etc.) and animation programs (Flash, Director, etc.). For examples of graphics I've created, please see my past works.



A website can offer interactivity to its viewers in a number of ways. XML Web services can customize real-time information for users. Some uses are exchange rates, stock quotes, news headlines, and local weather. Combining these with a login can truly customize a user's experience.

Also helpful are site searches and other database queries using SQL.

As well as giving users information, you may wish to get information from them. A simple feedback form which can email you information about your users can be easily implemented.

Site customizing is an important aspect of website design as well. Although you may see your site one way, there are many things such that will affect how different people see your site. Different browsers, screen resolutions and operating systems can make for very different experiences. I can ensure that your site is viewable by the most number of people and still add in all the bells and whistles.



A browser is the program which people use to view pages on the internet (Netscape, Internet Explorer, AOL, Opera, etc.). Unfortunately, not all of these treat the information in the same way. Also, all computers are set at different resolutions. This means one must take into account screen size as well.

I program all pages so that they are viewable to the highest amount of people on any computer with any browser, at any resolution



Sound and video can add a truly professional touch to your site. Take for example this mp3 player from the Hollow website. (High bandwidth recommended)